We all have something to Confess…The Dorian Hotel unveils its signature Mark of the Craft

The much anticipated Mark of the Craft delivers a signature moment in the guest experience that brings the Hotel’s story to life

The Dorian, Autograph Collection (The Dorian or the Hotel), Calgary’s first and only premium lifestyle hotel, is excited to officially launch its Mark of the Craft (The Mark) that draws together the collective narrative, unique characteristics and story of the Hotel into a single guest experience.

Inspired by Oscar Wilde and his novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Dorian presents an exhilarating aesthetic, combining beauty with stylish eccentricity. The novel contrasts a world of beauty, morality, manners and Victorian sensibilities with Dorian’s gradual corruption. In the novel, the portrait of Dorian allows him to be hedonistic and avoid the consequences of his choices and the Hotel now has a portrait of its own, a Mark that is sure to catch guests’ attention and spark conversation.

“The Dorian’s Mark appeals to everyone’s desire to clear their conscience before they take a peek into someone else’s secrets. It’s bold and edgy,” says Director of Sales and Marketing, Erin Richter. “Just like Oscar Wilde himself, the Mark will be a little scandalous, and very memorable.”

As in the novel, The Dorian nurtures its guests with unconventional and stylish surroundings, paired with gracious hospitality for its own sake. But, just as Dorian Gray hid the portrait that absorbed his discretions, the Hotel extends guests the same opportunity. They get the chance to witness the direct and cumulative effect of everyone’s opinions.

The portrait of Dorian Gray, hanging in the lobby, is now no longer just an interesting reflection of the hotel’s theme. It is dynamic and continually changing, linked to the many secrets of the Hotel’s guests. After sharing a secret of their own, guests will anonymously receive a disclosure, something that another guest has shared, and can give their opinion in the form of a rating. Finally, the combined weight of the choices made by the guests, as in the novel, will slowly transform the portrait in the lobby from youthful Dorian Gray to a decrepit one.

Book your stay at The Dorian, Autograph Collection, to confess your discretions and immerse yourself into the story of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, “Exactly Like Nothing Else.”