Operations Management

Pre-Opening Management Services

Concord’s corporate team has been involved in over 40 new hotel openings and property transitions over the last 48 months. We work closely with the property team to ensure a highly successful opening. Concord’s pre-opening management services include:

  • Recruit, on-board, orient and train General Manager and Director of Sales
  • Brand Immersion training, if required
  • Initial planning and development of the operational plan and staffing structure for the Hotel
  • Developing the food and beverage and event / catering strategy for the project
  • Establish market presence, research and gain full understanding of the competitive set properties, research business demand generators and start the direct sales effort
  • Prepare pre-opening budget for Owner approval and submit monthly reports on pre-opening activities
  • Coordinate all activities in advance of opening date required for an organized and professional hotel opening and operation
Operations Management

General Operations

Our management approach and delivery includes:

  • Business strategy, operating and capital budgets, and marketing plans
  • Supervision of profit and loss statements focusing on maximizing top line, operating efficiency and margin improvement
  • Corporate oversight and bench strength in sales and marketing, revenue management, e-Commerce, accounting, IT support, HR, food and beverage, facilities management and purchasing
  • Technology solutions to maximize operational and technical efficiencies and enhance guest service
  • Recruiting, training, associate development
  • Daily accounting operations and financial audits
  • Food and beverage operations
  • Management of ancillary amenities such as spa, parking, fitness and recreational services
  • Facilities management and capital improvement services
  • Preventative maintenance, housekeeping & service tracking programs
  • Sales and Marketing training and direction
  • Leadership development and training programs
Operations Management

Human Resources

Concord’s corporate Human Resources (HR) department strategically positions human capital as the hotel’s most sustainable competitive advantage and oversees a number of key functional areas. Our centralized management of certain HR functions yields cost savings to the hotel and improved risk control. Our well-defined and consistent processes, accountability and strong culture help create and environment focused on efficient operations and superior guest service, all of which contributes to improved hotel profitability. Our Human Resource Services include:

  • Organizational Design
  • Administration – policies, procedures and compliance
  • Recruiting
  • Cultural Immersion and On-boarding
  • Associate Training and Development – (i.e. LD I-III, Positive Associates Relations Training, Dynamic Sales Training)
  • Payroll and Benefits Administration
  • Risk Management – General Liability, Workers Compensation, OSHA, Immigration
  • Technology and Reporting

Sales & Marketing

Concord provides superior sales and marketing support through a powerful combination of customer segment marketing, direct sales deployment, revenue management strategies, and digital marketing to optimize market share for its managed hotels.
We benefit from the national reach of our hotel portfolio by being able to utilize “best practices” from one market to another.
We have implemented a total company Business Development program to leverage client relationships and revenue lead generation for all our managed properties, which have yielded a successful cross-selling effort across our sales teams.

Our deep team of Sales and Marketing Experts include:

Sales & Marketing

  • 1 SVP, 7 RVPSM, 2 Directors

Revenue Management

  • 1 VP, 3 Directors, 12 Managers, 1 Project Manager, 3 Junior Analysts

Digital Marketing

  • 1 VP, 1 Sr. Director, 1 Director, 5 Managers, 1 Coordinator

Operations Management

Information Technology

Concord Hospitality’s Information Technology Department administers and supports numerous systems and provides services that enhance business operations and guest services while offsetting the need for hotel units to employ their own technical staff. The lists of services are as follows:

  • Application Hosting
  • Microsoft Exchange Enterprise Email w/ Spam Filtering and Archiving
  • Centralized Accounting System with Hotel Property Accounting Portal
  • Cognos Business Intelligence & Reporting Application
  • Laservault Document Management System
  • PC Asset and Inventory Management
  • Centralized Endpoint Protection

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  • ACH – Automated Clearinghouse System
  • Self-Service Password Management System
  • Web-Based Enterprise PC Backup
  • Intranet – (Internal) Secure Corporate & Hotel Multi-User Collaborative Information Portal
  • Extranet – (External) Secure Construction, Renovation and Financial Reporting Portal Application Management
  • Delphi Sales and Catering / CRM Application
  • Kronos Time & Attendance Application Property Firewall / Security Management
  • Managed & Monitored VPN Connectivity Hotel High Speed Internet Systems Engineer, Design, Monitor, Support and Maintain Numerous Hotel Brands
  • Marriott GPNS certified 2012
Operations Management

Bar and Restaurant Expertise

Concord’s Food and Beverage team has a genuine passion for creating innovate and authentic F&B experiences aimed at maximizing revenue potential and the customer experience. Our services include:

  • Operational Management
  • Market Feasibility
  • Operating Pro Forma Modeling
  • Concept Creation
  • Development and Design
  • Menu and Beverage Programs
  • Technical Services
  • Brand Development & Marketing
  • Advertising and PR
  • Promotions
  • Menu Development
  • Social Media
  • Cost Control
  • Purchasing

Operations Management

Accounting & Financial Management

Our customized accounting platform, specifically designed for the hospitality industry, has many important companion features. Our Accounting responsibilities and services include:

  • A web-based product for hotel/end user access to financials and data access
  • An integrated reporting/business intelligence system
  • An integrated Automated Clearing House solution for reduced accounts payables transactional charges
  • An integrated Positive Pay (anti-fraud) with electronic bank reconciliation
  • An in-house designed hospitality budgeting application with accounting system interface
  • Management of procurement platform and hotel compliance
  • Comprehensive monthly and year-end reporting
  • Set up and maintenance of bank accounts, sales/use tax processing and reporting, assistance with procurement of insurance, annual internal control audit

Revenue Management

Centralized Revenue Management Services

Our best in class Centralized Revenue Management Services approach and delivery includes:

  • Manage CRS Inventory Functions.
  • Ensure CRS is set up and maintained optimally.
  • Ensure all available rooms and rates are supplied to appropriate channels including GDS, Internet, CRO, and Brand Channels.
  • Provide Special Events sales strategies, rate and inventory options and implementation.
  • Recommend input daily and weekly on hotel room inventory availability, room authorizations, room rates, discounts and seasonal rates according to the hotel strategy.
  • Recommend and input Special Corporate pricing and Local/National Programs and Promotions.
  • Assist sales team with completing “quarterly sales action plans” covering direct sales, marketing, and revenue management priorities.
  • Discuss short-and long-term selling strategies with the Hotel and input in the CRS.
  • Ensure that CRS fact pages and guarantee / cancel policies are up to date and relaying the most current information to all booking parties.
  • Maintain the Revenue Management system and assist property level associates with the interpretation of system reports and screens.
  • Provide Monthly Hotelligence report reviews looking for both direct sales and pricing opportunities.
  •   Review daily demand patterns and produce weekly transient demand / pace reports as well as competitive pricing to ensure the hotel has effective strategies in place. Relay all current trends to hotel team.
  • Work with the Hotel to ensure it is compliant with all inventory brand standards.
  •   Work with the Hotel to develop destination themed hotel packages.
  •   Analyze market changes through STAR data and hotel performance trends.
  •   Provide a 60 and 90 day projection of transient and group sales. Group will be based on trends and current GRC data.
  • Conduct and provide documented agenda for Weekly scheduled strategy meetings with the GM and Key Stakeholders. A total of 45 meetings per year will be completed.
  •  Provide month end critique using Brand and Market reporting as well as monthly STR data.
  •   Quarterly analysis of Group rates and ceilings for a rolling 12-month period.
  •  Actively guide and co-lead the RFP process for the Hotel to include setting the Depth of Sales Chart pricing, pricing seasons, and meeting all due date submissions.
  •  Assist with the follow up of RFPs not accepted and direct sales office to the National Sales for alternate strategies. Propose additional pricing strategies as needed.

Digital Marketing

Centralized Digital Marketing Services

Our industry leading e-Commerce program provides:

  • management, maintenance, optimization and strategy
  • Brand extranet and business application support services
  • Local search marketing management and optimizations
  • OTA marketing and technical support
  • Independent website creation consultation and ongoing management
  • Hospitality digital marketing training and education
  • Brand eTools training
  • Paid search, meta search, display, video, native, social advertising strategy and management
  • CRM/Email marketing strategy and management
  • Online reputation management
  • Online Hotel Package implementation
  • Ongoing e-Commerce performance reporting, analysis and analytic
  • Search engine optimization
  • GPS system submissions
  • Social media strategy and management
  • Hotel photography and digital asset management
  • Custom landing page and module strategy, development and management
  • Meeting, Event and Wedding digital strategy support and third party marketing management
  • General digital marketing and e-commerce support, consultation and management

Pre-construction Phase

  • Provide architectural, engineering, and consultant recommendations as required
  • Participate in the schematic and design development with the architect, engineer and consultants
  • Review project documents for conformance with the Franchisor and Hotel Manager requirements
  • Develop design and requirements for kitchen and laundry with consultants
  • Develop design and requirements for landscaping and irrigation with consultants
  • Coordinate all Franchisor design comments with appropriate architect, engineer and consultants as required
  • Develop design for interior design requirements with Franchisor and interior design consultant, as required
  • Bid review and selection and/or recommendation of contractors and vendors, if required

Construction Phase

  • Project site inspections to monitor progress and ensure franchisor’s and manager’s standards for conformance are maintained
  • Assist with Architect, engineer, and consultant communication and correspondence from site inspections
  • Participate in routine calls with the construction team and assist owner in making decisions regarding value engineering, schedule expediting, change orders, and similar matters that affect quality, costs and timing of the completion of the hotel
  • Assist owner and project team in achieving maximum potential cost savings and expedite completion to keep the project on schedule and within budget
Technical Services

IT Technical Services

Approved by Hilton, Marriott and Hyatt, Concord is uniquely qualified in providing IT technical services covering the full scope of technology requirements for a hotel project. Our team manages the specifications, selection, bid process, quotation, approval, execution, procurement and installation coordination of the various hotel systems required for proper operation of the Hotel including:

  • Administrative Office Equipment
  • A/V Equipment Consultation
  • Background Music System & Source
  • Business Center Technology
  • CATV Television System
  • CCTV Security System
  • Guest High Speed Internet Access Systems
  • PBX, Voicemail & Call Accounting Systems
  • Point of Sale System
  • Property Management System
  • Sales CRM Multi-Property System
  • Structured Cabling Consultation
  • Telco Services
  • Time & Attendance Systems

Concord HSIA

Concord is the only hotel management company certified by Marriott to install and manage the Marriott HSIA solutions

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Concord works as a liaison between ownership and the brand in every aspect of the procurement phase of the project.  Since 2014, Concord has executed over 70 engagements, representing over $80MM in hotel FFE / OSE investments. We provide excellence in procurement through our dedicated buying group, utilizing strong vendor relationships with manufacturers in the US and overseas. Our expertise in value engineering yields substantial cost savings, while maintaining quality in design.  Our services include:

  • Interior Design Coordination
  • Budget Review
  • Big Management
  • Shop Drawing Review & Approval
  • FFE & OSE Purchasing
  • Inspection & Quality Control
  • Vendor Relationship Management
  • Warehouse and Freight Logistics
  • Installation and on-site Coordination
  • Project Planning
  • Project Closeout