Mark Laport, Concord Hospitality Enterprises Speaks to Students

There is nothing like learning from the best.  Students in The School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University recently welcomed Visiting Leader Mark Laport to the classroom, where he shared what he has learned in co-founding and serving as president and CEO of Concord Hospitality Enterprises since 1985.  Mark spoke in Dr. A.J. Singh’s HB 382 – Real Estate Investment Management class, as well as Dr. Ron Cichy’s HB 451 – Emerging Leadership Journey and HB 489 – Hospitality Business Strategy classes.  He also met with members of The School’s Real Estate Investment Club.

Under Mark’s leadership, Concord has earned recognition as both a hotel management company and an active developer of hotels.  Concord is one of the largest hospitality companies in North America with 90 hotels in both the U.S. and Canada.  Mark’s aptitude for locating, developing, and operating hotels in niche markets has been crucial to Concord Hospitality’s sustained growth.

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