Innovative Prefabrication of AC Hotel NULU

New, Lego-like ‘stacking’ for urban construction

AC Hotel NULU is set to open in spring 2018. With the end of the year nearing, many are curious about the unconventional, and seemingly delayed, construction on site.
Largely unknown to the general public until now, the construction of this hotel has been underway in Liverpool, PA for months. Out of a manufacturing facility, rooms have been produced as modular units and transported to the site. Here, they are ‘stacked’ like Legos to construct the hotel. Today, invited guests were able to witness this process. Click here to see the video.

Modular stacking has proven to be a green practice, cost and labor efficient, and timely. The city of Louisville is excited to witness the culmination of such strategy and to see how innovative construction practices may take hold in the future.

The hotel will feature 156 rooms, 5,000 square feet of retail space, and “a distinctive European-inspired design and décor package appealing to design-conscious travelers.” The European design and décor of each room will appeal to the diverse wave of travelers that frequent the city of Louisville.

Why Louisville?

The hustle-and-bustle of Louisville can be attributed to the booming business district and constant flow of travelers. As a historic and exciting spot in this region, quality and prestigious hotels are necessary to accommodate the city’s hospitality needs.

Concord connected with Ron Turnier, CEO of Creation Gardens, about two years ago to start work on the AC NULU project. Ron had considered a hotel in the past but was unsure about how to make it happen in such an area that was already growing and thriving. As have many recent Louisville construction projects, AC Hotel NULU will feature the renovation of historic structures on the premises.

Another exciting note is that the hotel will create more than 50 permanent new jobs with the construction itself providing an additional 150. The high quality, elegant rooms will add to the growth and revitalization of the NULU area.

Pennsylvania to Louisville
Construction began nearly 600 miles away out of the Champion Commercial Structures facility in Pennsylvania. This is where the vision of AC Hotel NULU began to take shape. Prefabrication is a relatively new concept, and architects are still working out a few kinks in the process. From the beginning, a plan must be established and followed to a T because changes late in the process are quite difficult to implement.
“There are many benefits to building units in such a controlled environment,” according to Carl Hren, VP of Architecture & Construction for Concord Hospitality. Hren credits this process as being cost neutral because of better quality control and efficient scheduling. When the rooms arrive at the site, they “will be in a 99% complete condition – literally almost ‘vacant ready.’”
Typical hotels of similar size can take 12-14 months to complete – prefabricated units can speed the production up to 8-10 months. AC Hotel NULU will be the fifth prefabricated build by Marriott who began researching this process in 2014.

Perfect for Urban
At the corner of East Market and Shelby Streets, the project makes for a tight, urban job site, offering the perfect opportunity for the implementation of prefabrication.
Previous modular stacking projects have been effective in lessening social impact and disturbances to the flow of city traffic. Traditional construction projects, a well-known inconvenience in Louisville, can produce a lot of noise and debris. It is this growing list of issues that has called for the implementation of prefabrication.
The relocation of construction to a controlled facility has, in a sense, removed the dirty work from Louisville. One module takes about 14 days to be ready for transportation. Upon arriving at the NULU location, modules are stacked by cranes at a rate of one module every 45 minutes. The stacking contractor, Hayes Modular Group, will oversee this process. Of their extensive portfolio, Hayes has completed projects across the United States. AC Hotel NULU will benefit from their experience in a variety of modular projects, from school buildings to apartment complexes. After stacking, electrical, plumbing, and other details will be installed. The final step is simply to incorporate the European décor.

The general contractor for AC Hotel NULU is W.A. Randolph. As seen in their previous projects and plans for the future, their creations are focused around the comfort, flair factor, and overall experience for guests. The same will be true in NULU, an area that calls for – and thrives on – constant innovation of culture. A hotel, realized by W.A. Randolph, is more than just a place to stay – it is a place of relaxation that makes customers excited to return.

Future of Prefabrication
Champion Commercial Structures, a leading supplier of modular units sees that this process has significant potential to grow in popularity.
Chris Waters, Director of Business Development at Champion, is an advocate of the process’ ideal production line, creatively associating the term “Lego effect” to the stacking of these units. Waters is also excited about the many possibilities of such a modular scheme, noting that this type of “architectural flair” may soon be implemented in other projects.
As the stacking took place today for the public to observe, citizens watched in awe as the hotel came together before their eyes.

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