Concord Hospitality Named No. 1 Service Provider within Marriott’s GPNS Program

RALEIGH, N.C. (Jan. 20, 2020) – Concord Hospitality Enterprises, an award-winning hotel development and management company, announced today that its Information Technology (IT) department has been ranked as the No. 1 service provider out of only 12 other vendors certified by Marriott’s Global Property Network Standards (GPNS) program.

The program’s stringent standards create a consistent, high-quality online guest experience across all Marriott brands in the Americas for high-speed internet access. A leader in the space, Marriott was one of the first hospitality companies to enforce certain data network requirements, and Concord has been a certified GPNS vendor since the inception of the program.

Each year, Marriott has continued to enhance the program by requiring more rigorous reporting and sophisticated systems, with an emphasis on keeping hotels current with the most updated and superior hardware. Concord has continued to meet these standards year-over-year, all while increasing its ranking as a top provider for the internationally-recognized hotel company and partner.

“Concord’s continued focus on excellence and execution have been critical drivers in positioning us as the top vendor in Marriott’s GPNS program,” said Brian Cornell, Chief Information Officer at Concord Hospitality. “As we partner with hotels and companies like Marriott to become their vendors for these services, we place a high emphasis on upfront design, quality services and high-performance offerings so that we have an excellent network established from day one to ensure an enhanced guest experience.”

Along with upgrading and maintaining current hotel networks throughout 2019, Concord continued to add to the number of hotels it services under the Marriott brand and within the GPNS program across the U.S. and Canada.

“Network/internet performance is a crucial aspect of the guest experience and has been listed as a key component in guest satisfaction surveys,” added Cornell. “At Concord, we have experienced a direct correlation between hotel guest return intent and performance of property technology. We recognize the importance of providing quality services to meet guest needs and are extremely honored to work alongside a partner like Marriott that holds the same values, as well as to be recognized for our commitment to offering best-in-class services.”