2015 Partnership Hall of Fame Winner – Marriott International

Concord Hospitality Enterprises Wins Marriott Hall of Fame Award 2015

2015 MINA & Full Service Owners Conference
Partnership Hall of Fame

Each year, Marriott has given out Partnership Circle awards. In the past five years, 23 awards have been presented to only 10 different companies. These are companies that manage their hotels at the top of the brand … and owner-operators who have led the way in embracing brand initiatives. Beginning now, in recognition of their lasting impact on Marriott overall, these past winners and all new winners will receive a distinctive honor, known as the Partnership Circle Hall of Fame. This change allows us the opportunity to continue to celebrate past winners while welcoming new partners with this Hall of Fame status. And, since we have historically focused on hotel results – and therefore, hotel operators – this new concept allows us to recognize and celebrate owners who are also deserving of this honor.